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Artists > Perfume
2008-01-18Music JapanTalk + Baby Cruising Love
2008-01-23POP UP Perfume ~ROAD TO GRAMMY AWARDS~01
2008-01-25Chart Busters R!
2008-01-27Count Down TVSpecial Medley
2008-02-06POP UP Perfume ~ROAD TO GRAMMY AWARDS~02
2008-02-13POP UP Perfume ~ROAD TO GRAMMY AWARDS~03
2008-02-15Chart Busters R!
2008-02-20POP UP Perfume ~ROAD TO GRAMMY AWARDS~04
2008-02-27POP UP Perfume ~ROAD TO GRAMMY AWARDS~05
2008-03-05POP UP Perfume ~ROAD TO GRAMMY AWARDS~06
2008-03-13POP UP Perfume ~ROAD TO GRAMMY AWARDS~07
2008-04-04Perfume ~HAPPY!~01
2008-04-10Music JapanTalk + Polyrhythm
2008-04-11Perfume ~HAPPY!~02
2008-04-13Music LoversSpecial Live
2008-04-18Chart Busters R!
2008-04-18Perfume ~HAPPY!~03
2008-04-19Music Fair 21
2008-04-25Perfume ~HAPPY!~04
2008-05-02Perfume ~HAPPY!~05
2008-05-09Perfume ~HAPPY!~06
2008-05-16Chart Busters R!
2008-05-16Perfume ~HAPPY!~07
2008-05-23Perfume ~HAPPY!~08
2008-05-30Chart Busters R!
2008-05-30Perfume ~HAPPY!~09
2008-06-06Perfume ~HAPPY!~10
2008-06-13Perfume ~HAPPY!~11
2008-06-20Perfume ~HAPPY!~12
2008-06-23HEY!HEY!HEY! Music Champlove the world + Talk
2008-06-27Perfume ~HAPPY!~13
2008-07-03Perfume 2001
2008-07-04Perfume ~HAPPY!~14
2008-07-08Top RunnerBaby Cruising Love
2008-07-10Perfume 2002
2008-07-11Music Japanlove the world
2008-07-11Perfume ~HAPPY!~15
2008-07-11Music Stationlove the world
2008-07-12Music Fair 21love the world
2008-07-17Perfume 2003
2008-07-18Perfume ~HAPPY!~16
2008-07-20Count Down TVTalk + love the world
2008-07-24Perfume 2004
2008-07-25Perfume ~HAPPY!~17
2008-07-25Music Station
2008-07-31Perfume 2005
2008-08-01Perfume ~HAPPY!~18
2008-08-07Perfume 2006
2008-08-08Perfume ~HAPPY!~19
2008-08-16Perfume ~HAPPY!~20
2008-08-21Perfume 2007
2008-08-22Perfume ~HAPPY!~21
2008-08-28Perfume 2008
2008-08-29Perfume ~HAPPY!~22
2008-09-04Perfume 2009
2008-09-05Perfume ~HAPPY!~23
2008-09-11Perfume 2010
2008-09-12Perfume ~HAPPY!~24
2008-09-18Perfume 2011
2008-09-19Perfume ~HAPPY!~25
2008-09-25Perfume 2012
2008-09-26Perfume ~HAPPY!~26
2008-09-29HEY!HEY!HEY! Music ChampSpecial Medley
2008-10-03Music StationSecret Secret
2008-10-11Perfume - Ki ni naru Ko-chan!01
2008-10-18Perfume - Ki ni naru Ko-chan!02
2008-10-25Perfume - Ki ni naru Ko-chan!03
2008-11-07Boku no Ongaku?just talk with porno graffitti
2008-11-15Perfume - Ki ni naru Ko-chan!04
2008-11-20Music JapanDream Fighter
2008-11-21Music StationDream Fighter
2008-11-22Music Fair 21Dream Fighter
2008-11-22Japan CountdownDream Fighter
2008-11-22Perfume - Ki ni naru Ko-chan!05
2008-11-27Best Hits2008
2008-11-28Music FighterDream Fighter
2008-11-29Perfume - Ki ni naru Ko-chan!06
2008-11-29Count Down TVDream Fighter
2008-11-29Taka & Tora
2008-12-06Perfume - Ki ni naru Ko-chan!07
2008-12-13Perfume - Ki ni naru Ko-chan!08
2008-12-16NTV Best Artist2008Polyrhythm + Dream Fighter
2008-12-20Music Fair 21
2008-12-20Perfume - Ki ni naru Ko-chan!09
2008-12-27Music Fair 21
2008-12-27Perfume - Ki ni naru Ko-chan!10

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