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What is JPopDB ?
JPopDB is a database-driven website to help keep track of your collection of J-Pop related stuff like CDs, DVDs, Vinyl records and collectibles.


June 16th 2008
- Registation added. You can now organize your collection.

February 21st 2008
It has been a long time since an update, there have been new feature before, but going to sum them up.
- Search capability added (searches in artist name and item title)
- Release schedule added
- Oricon charts added
- Tour schedules added
- Some new categories: Blu-ray & HD-DVD
- and of course, more and more artists added.
I should make some work to the user registration...

September 6th 2006
- There can now be listed forums and links for an artist.
- Added a nice feature using ajax, that when you add an item to your collection, the page doesn't reload. (Unfortunatly Internet Explorer has a nasty bug so I have to disable the ajax thing, so for you IE users, the page will still reload... So people, upgrade to Mozilla/Firefox, it's safer.)

July 30th 2006
- Got an idea for an extra feature to keep track of how much singles/albums have sold and to read in the weekly sales from oricon.
- I hope to go to a public beta at the end of August.
- Might need a moderation system to let users add picture to releases and artists.

July 26th 2006
- Beta went online, but not yet publicly anounced.
- User creation and stats still need to be done.
- Still a lot of artists need to be inserted into the database.
- Made a system to add releases via the website with possibility to basically add everything about a releases from producer to remixers, but it's still very cumbersome. Can be done later, as it is not yet a needed function.

July 16nd 2006
- Started coding & design database.
- Adding links to the 3 major online sellers: CDJapan, Yesasia & Playasia.
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